معنی back up
معنی back up

معنی back up در زبان انگلیسی

معنی back up به فارسی

به عنوان اسم: حمایت، زاپاس، پشتیبانی کردن، اضافی، یدکی، پشتیبان، پشت بند

​به عنوان فعل: در صف ایستادن،پشت سر هم ایستادن،کمک،پشتیبانی،حمایت،خلاف جهت رفتن،از خود بیخود شدن

کپى پشتیبان تهیه کردن ، پشت قرار دادن ، جاگیرى پشت یار ، اطلاعات مکمل حاشیه اى نقشه پشتیبانى کردن ، تکمیل کردن
{علوم مهندسى}: معکوس ریختن
{کامپیوتر}: پشتیبانى کردن
{ورزش}: اماده براى دویدن درصورت ضربه خوب یار
{علوم نظامى}: تقویت کردن تقویتى

معنی back up به انگلیسی

to move backwards, especially in a vehicle

You can back up another two feet or so.
I backed the car up to the door.

to give support to someone by telling other people that you agree with them

If I ask for more money will you back me up?

to support an idea, plan or person

to show that an explanation or belief is probably true

All the evidence backs up her story.

 to make a copy of information on your computer

if traffic backs up, or if it is backed up, the vehicles are in a long line and waiting to continue moving continue moving

Traffic is backing up on all out-of-town routes.
Cars were backed up for miles.

 if a toilet, sink , or drain backs up, or if it is backed up, water cannot flow through it because something is blocking it

plumbing and drainage systems 

 if a system backs up, or if it is backed up, it has slowed down or stopped working because there is too much of something for it to deal with

Orders are really backed up this month.

 to move backwards a short distance

I need everyone to back up about 10 paces.
to move, or to move something away or back

to make a car go backwards

back something up something:

I’ll back the car up the driveway.
to drive, or to operate a vehicle

mainly american used for telling someone to return to something that was said earlier

Back up: didn’t you say they had already met?

مترادف های back up

backing, support, aid

accumulate; cause to accumulate; provide support; substantiate; move backwards; move a vehicle in the reverse direction; support or confirm someone’s testimony; make a copy of an original to have in case the original gets damaged or lost (esp. about computer files

back up (something)to make an electronic copy of information in a computer so that it can be stored separately.

We back up our files on a disk every day.

to state the truth of something.

The last speaker backed up what most of the other people said.

to serve as a backup for (another person or persons);

the patrolmen backed up the detectives as they went inside to make the arrest; the center fielder backed up the shortstop on the play.

to make a backup of; as, the sysop backed up the purchasing data files every night.

  to support or assist

 cricket (of a nonstriking batsman) to move down the wicket in readiness for a run as a ball is bowled

to accumulate

to become jammed behind an accident or other obstruction

 computing to make a copy of (a data file), esp for storage in another place as a security copy

درباره ی مهرداد اکبری اصل

من مهرداد اکبری اصل ساکن تهران و فارغ التحصیل مترجمی زبان انگلیسی از دانشگاه تبریز. وبسایت زبان علم را راه اندازی کردم تا بتوانم دانش اندک خود را در جهت ارتقاء مهارت زبان انگلیسی زبان دوستان به اشتراک بگذارم. امیدوارم مفید باشد.

مطلب پیشنهادی

معنی go down

معنی go down : تقویت مهارت شنیداری زبان انگلیسی

در این قسمت از آموزش زبان انگلیسی در زبان علم به بررسی معنی go down …

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