معنی come out
معنی come out

معنی come out در زبان انگلیسی

معنی come out

معنی come out در این قسمت توضیح داده می شود. وقتی فیلم جدیدی ساخته می شود و در دسترس عموم قرار می گیرد، come out اتفاق افتاده است. یعنی منتشر شده است. لذا این فعل در مورد چیزهای مشابهی مثل انتشار اثر موسیقی، انتشار کتاب و … نیز صدق می کند. با این توضیحات یک معنی come out یعنی منتشر شدن، در دسترس عموم قرار گرفتن.
معانی دیگر come out: رفتن به مراسم اجتماعی همراه کسی، در دتسترس عموم قرار گرفتن(فیلم، آلبوم موسیقی، کتاب و..)؛ طلوع کردن خورشید، ظاهر شدن ماه در آسمان؛ آشکار شدن یک راز، برملا شدن یک مسئله خصوصی؛ نتیجه دادن، منجر شدن به نتیجه؛ حذف شدن، ناپدید شدن؛ ظاهر کردن عکس؛ ابراز عقیده کردن؛ نحوه گفته شدن یک موضوع؛ متوقف کردن فعالیت؛ باز شدن شکوفه ها؛ معروف شدن، بر سرزبان ها افتادن؛ ظاهر شدن خورشید؛ اتمام رساندن فعالیت؛ تولید عکس در عکاسی



معنی come out به انگلیسی


to go somewhere with someone for a social event:

Would you like to come out for a drink sometime?

Can Adam come out to play?

Jenny came out with us last night.

We can never persuade Alan to come out.

Would you like to come out with us some time?

If a book, record, film, etc. comes out, it becomes available for people to buy or see:

When does their new album come out?

My novel is coming out in paperback next spring.

Their new album came out last week.

The movie is coming out this summer.

When his book came out, he found himself splashed all over the press.

When the sun, moon, or stars come out, they appear in the sky:

The clouds finally parted and the sun came out.

If something comes out, it becomes known publicly after it has been kept secret:

After her death, it came out that she’d lied about her age.

When the truth came out, there was public outrage.

 If information, results, etc. come out, they are given to people:

The exam results come out in August.

to tell people that you are gay, often after having kept this secret for some time

to be in a certain condition or to achieve something at the end of a process or activity:

She came out of the divorce settlement a rich woman.

These figures have come out wrong! I don’t understand it.

Your painting has come out really well.

He hasn’t exactly come out of the scandal with his reputation enhanced.

If dirt or a mark comes out, it disappears from something when it is cleaned:

Did the red wine stain come out?

If a photo or part of a photo comes out, the picture can be seen clearly:

The photos didn’t come out because the room was so dark.

He’s in the picture, but his face hasn’t come out very clearly.

to express an opinion:

In the survey politicians came out overwhelmingly in favour of capital punishment.

Some of the members supported the changes, but the majority came out against.

 If something you say comes out in a particular way, that is how you say it:

I didn’t mean to be rude – it just came out like that.

When I tried to tell her that I loved her it came out all wrong.

If workers come out, they stop working because of a disagreement:

The postal workers have come out in support of their pay claim.

When flowers come out, they open:

Daffodils come out in spring.

to become known or be made public:

When the facts came out, there was public outrage.

A person who comes out tells something personal that has been kept secret.

When a book, magazine, or newspaper comes out, it begins to be sold to the public:

Her latest book is coming out in July.

to move into full view:

Later in the afternoon, it stopped raining and the sun came out.

to be in a particular condition when finished:

Your painting came out really well.

to produce a picture on film:

My camera broke and none of the skiing photographs came out.

درباره ی مهرداد اکبری اصل

من مهرداد اکبری اصل ساکن تهران و فارغ التحصیل مترجمی زبان انگلیسی از دانشگاه تبریز. وبسایت زبان علم را راه اندازی کردم تا بتوانم دانش اندک خود را در جهت ارتقاء مهارت زبان انگلیسی زبان دوستان به اشتراک بگذارم. امیدوارم مفید باشد.

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