معنی take in
معنی take in

معنی take in در زبان انگلیسی

معنی take in

فهمیدن، درک کردن، جا افتادن مطلب در ذهن مخاطب
به عنوان اسم: گول‌،فریب‌،لاف
به عنوان فعل: باز کردن و به داخل کشیدن طنابها ، مغبون کردن ، پذیرفتن ، باور کردن ، درک کردن ، تو گذاشتن
{قانون و فقه}: مغبون کردن

معنی take in به انگلیسی

to include something

The book takes in the period between 1891 and Lenin’s death.

to allow someone to stay in your house or your country

refugees who were taken in during the war

We decided to take in lodgers.

to understand and remember something that you hear or read

I’m not sure how much of his explanation she took in.

usually passive to trick someone into believing something that is not true

Don’t be taken in by their promises.

to make a piece of clothing more narrow or tight, so that it fits you

to accept something as real or true

He still hasn’t really taken in his father’s death.

to spend time looking at something

We sat there taking in the scenery.

to do work for someone else in your home

She has started taking in ironing.

mainly american to go to an entertainment or sport

We took in a couple of films.

to provide a place for someone to live or stay.

His aunt took him in when his mother died.

I couldn’t believe Tim wanted us to take in some guy who’d been living on the street.

to deceive someone.

Do you think the teacher was taken in by your excuse?

That sales pitch totally took us in.

 to comprehend or understand

 to include or comprise

his thesis takes in that point

 to receive into one’s house in exchange for payment

to make (an article of clothing, etc.) smaller by altering seams

 to include the tour takes in the islands as well as the mainland

 informal to cheat or deceive

 to go to; visit

let’s take in a movie tonight

 the act or an instance of cheating or deceiving

make smaller when sewing

I lost weight, so I need to take some of my skirts to the tailor to have them taken in.

deceive a person

He was taken in by the con artist.


Are you taking in all of these phrasal verbs?


“I still can’t take in the news.”

 deceive someone:

“He really took me in with his hard-luck story.”

 provide refuge:

“She took the old couple in.”

مترادف take in

understand, comprehend; include, surround; take work home; deceit; abbreviate, abridge, absorb, abstract, accept, accouple, accumulate, acquire, admit, adsorb, affect, agglutinate, amass, appear, appreciate, apprehend, arrest, articulate, assemble, assimilate, assister, associate, assume, attend, bamboozle, band, barge in, be admitted, be at, be present at, be with one, beguile, behold, betray, blot, blot up, bluff, bob, boil down, bond, bracket, break in, breeze in, bridge, bridge over, bring, burst in, bust in, cajole, call for, capsulize, capture, carry, catch, catch on, catch sight of, cement, chain, cheat on, chemisorb, chemosorb, circumvent, clap eyes on, clap together, clip, collar, collect, combine, come barging in, come breezing in, come busting in, come by, come in, come in for, come to, compass, complete, comprehend, compress, comprise, concatenate, conceive, condense, conglobulate, conjoin, conjugate, conjure, connect, consume, contain, contract, copulate, count in, couple, cover, creep in, crop, cross the threshold, crowd in, curtail, cut, cut back, cut down, cut off short, cut short, deceive, delude, derive, derive from, descry, devour, prune, pull down, push in, put away, put in, put something over, put together, put under arrest, range, reach, reach out, read, reap, recap, recapitulate, receive, reckon among, reckon in, reckon with, recognize, reduce, require, retrench, roll into one, run, run in, savvy, secure, see, seep in, seize, seize the meaning, sense, set foot in, shave, shear, shorten, show up, sight, sit in, slip in, slurp up, snow, snub, soak in, soak up, solder, sorb, span, splice, sponge, spot, spread, spy, squeeze in, step in, stick together, straddle, stretch, stretch out, string along, stunt, subsume, sum up, summarize, surround, swallow, sweep, swill up, synopsize, take, take down, take into account, take into consideration, take into custody, take on, take over, take prisoner, take up, tape, telescope, throw open to, thrust in, thrust out, tie, trick, trim, truncate, tuck in, turn up, twig, two-time, understand, unify, unite, view, visit, watch, wedge in, weld, witness, work in,

شما هم اگر برای معنی take in ترجمه دیگری در اختیار دارید با ذکر مثال و نمونه کاربردی از طریق نظرات با سایرین به اشتراک بگذارید.

درباره ی مهرداد اکبری اصل

من مهرداد اکبری اصل ساکن تهران و فارغ التحصیل مترجمی زبان انگلیسی از دانشگاه تبریز. وبسایت زبان علم را راه اندازی کردم تا بتوانم دانش اندک خود را در جهت ارتقاء مهارت زبان انگلیسی زبان دوستان به اشتراک بگذارم. امیدوارم مفید باشد.

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